Someone asked me if there is a difference between using natural crystals and man-made crystals… Would the man-made crystals carry the same properties as the natural stones?

My thoughts went immediately to comparing this idea to food – locally grown/organic vs. genetically modified – of course there’s a difference.

Lets look at this way … when a stone or crystal is growing in its natural environment, it is directly and by default being filled with its surrounding vibrations and Earth elements, almost like a web or a net, completely engulfed – filling it up with the exact properties it carries that make it vibrate its healing energy. Now, conversely, once you grow a crystal in a laboratory, its is 100% fully removed from its natural state. It is no longer being filled with its Earthly vibrations as it should be. Though it still contains the technical minerals and physical components- its now at a lack – its is missing its true vibration, and therefore, cannot emanate its true purpose as brightly as intended.

When I choose to make a piece of crystal jewelry for someone, it is always with the crystal in its natural state. So the person receiving it may feel connected to the crystal, feel the effects of the crystal, and even benefit mutually.

Always Natural.


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